Why does my pattern include length measurements and row counts? What happens if they don't match up?

Your pattern is created using your on final, washed gauge. We have provided both measurements and row counts in your pattern to account for any gauge change in blocking. Counts are given both from the beginning and from the last "section" of the pattern. Counts include the first row of the piece, and the first row of the section.

Your row counts are determined by your row gauge -- for example, if you knit 7 rows per inch, and asked for a 2" edging, then you will get a count of 14 rows for your edging. However, some knitters' pre-blocked gauge differs from their post-blocking gauge. This means, for some knitters, their measurements may differ slightly from their row counts. It should come to the correct measurement when you block your sweater.

So, unless your gauge has changed, the row counts should be accurate! It is hard to measure knit fabric accurately, especially if it's still on your needles.

If you are worried your piece may not be the right size, we suggest putting the piece on waste yarn, blocking it, and then measuring while it's flat on the table. If your gauge has changed, we can work with you to figure out how that happened and how to remedy it. If that happens, please email us directly.


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