How much does CustomFit cost?

Having an account is free and always will be! You don't need to pay to store your body measurements or gauge. 

My aim is to make CustomFit as economical as possible for you, the knitter - so there are two ways to purchase patterns: Either individually, one at a time, or by subscription.  

For the occasional sweater knitter, each pattern has a relatively low cost:

  • The Basics collection patterns and custom patterns designed by you cost $9.99 each.
  • Featured designs, either by me or others, cost $12.50.

Each custom pattern is fixed once it's created, and can't be changed. If you knit a lot of sweaters, or simply want the freedom to change your mind whenever you like, I offer two monthly subscription levels to make pattern creation more affordable. 

The basic maker level costs $5 per month and you can generate up to 2 patterns each month. They don't stack from month to month; however, if you create more than 5 patterns each year, this will be a more economical way to get your patterns than purchase-by-pattern. 

The maker-plus level costs $8 per month and you can generate unlimited patterns each month. This means you can change your mind about what sweater you're knitting as often as you like! If you create more than 2 patterns in a month, and/or more than 9 patterns in a year, this is a more economical way to get your patterns than purchase-by-pattern. 

All subscribers also get access to a handy set of knitting calculators, including pick-up calculators, a buttonhole spacer, and a sleeve cap generator. 

Find out more and sign up here: Maker and Maker Plus(If you're a yarn store, please drop me a note! I have a special subscription for yarn stores that offers an interface designed for a shop, less-expensive pattern generation, and accounts with no limit on the number of measurements you can store.) 


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