What is a CustomFit recipe?

"CustomFit recipe" is the name I'd originally given to a PDF aimed at helping you recreate one of my (non-CustomFit) designs using CustomFit. That terminology failed me over time, and now there are two things you might mean if you've arrived on this page: 

  • "CustomFit Recipes" from other designers, like Kim McBrien Evans or Mollie Woodworth, are short PDFs you can purchase to get a set of instructions for using CustomFit, and a bit of your own brainpower, to make sweaters that are beyond CustomFit's basic capabilities right now. 
  • If you're looking for a "recipe" for one of my designs, what you'd really like to do is work a "CustomFit Mash-Up". 

You can find out more about both recipes and mash-ups by clicking here; I also wrote an article on creating a mash-up with another designer's design here

Either way, this is not how I'd recommend you start out with CustomFit! Please consider trying any of CustomFit's built-in designs first, to get a sense of how these patterns are written. Mash-ups and recipes will make a lot more sense after you have one CustomFit sweater under your belt.


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