Why is CustomFit giving me an error?

If you're getting an error when trying to generate a CustomFit pattern and need help, please email me with the error code CustomFit returned!

As of this writing in the summer of 2017, CustomFit is pretty well-tested: At this point, it's unlikely that you've found a bug if you're trying for a fairly typical sweater. If you want to try to troubleshoot on your own before dropping me a note, I have suggestions for some common problems to check: 

First: Look for typos or errors in your measurements. This is the single most common issue I see, and falls into two main camps: Issues with your upper torso and/or cross-chest measurement, and length issues with respect to the placement of your waist. 

  • Your upper torso should be a full-body circumference, taken as high up in your armpits as you should go. For most people, it's within the range of 8'' smaller to 2'' larger than your full bust. (Your individual mileage may vary, of course! But being outside of this range is worth a double-check.) 
  • Your cross-chest distance is optional - please don't enter one unless you know you need to! If you are sure you must take it, the distance should be measured on the front of your body rather than the back, from where you'd like one armhole seam to the other. Alternately, you can measure the front of a store-bought sweater that fits you well: 


  • Your waist-to-armhole length should be at least 3-4'' (7.5 - 10cm) smaller than even your shortest sweater length from hem to armhole. Even if you're long-waisted, you're almost certain to want a sweater that extends several inches below your waist. If these two lengths are too close to one another, CustomFit can't build in the sweater's ribbing and waist shaping. 

Second: Look for possibly-impossible pattern choices. These tend to come up most often when knitters are using the Build Your Own design wizard, and the most common problems I see are: 

  • A button-band allowance that's wider than the neck width of the sweater you're trying to make. 
  • Necklines that extend below the waist of the sweater. Most often, someone has chosen something like a neck depth that's 10'' (25.5 cm) below the armhole shaping. The right thing here would be to choose "below shoulders" instead. 

If everything looks good to you, please reach out! I can help figure out what's going on. You can email me at I almost always respond to all messages within 2 business days. 


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